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I sort of though Crota would be a Knight, but I wished he look a bit more unique. Like Atheon, he's referred to as the needle that controls time and he looks nothing like any of the other enemies in the game. Crota is the god of the Hive, I would have though that he'd look more distinguished. Changing the color of his armor and making him bigger is a bit uncreative. Is this all the art team could come up with? Oh well, maybe they're doing this on purpose? I didn't know he was the son of Oryx, perhaps there's a bigger fight that will take place in a future DLC?.


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Looks pretty sweet.

he looks so cool but i bet we will cheese him in under a day of him being out

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Isn't this a dlc for the video game destiny lol


The Fate Of All Fools ? 🤔


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Pretty sure this review will be useful at Destiny 2 the dark below imdb uhhhhhh.....interesting? Terribly cut trailer unless this is a flat out short teaser just throwing random images at the screen. Another thing to help procrastinate levelling. So keen. below the ankle socks The Dark megavideo reddit, 'The Dark' behind the scenes. Watch The Dark Online Fandango Watch the dark below Online Streaming Full!

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